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So before I tell you EVERYTHING that has been going on, I'm going to update my book list:

1. Dreamland- Sarah Dessen
2. Animal Farm- George Orwell
3. Anthem- Ayn Rand
4. The Luxe
5. What if...- two authors I can't remember
6. So.B.It
7. Friction
8. Wuthering Heights (agaiin
9. There is a [slight] chance I may be going to hell
10. Peeps
11. the peeps sequel I forgot the name to
12. Uglies
13. Pretties
14. Specials
15. The Nanny Diaries
16. Honey, Baby, Sweetheart
17. Love Star Girl

Missing you guys

Hey, i know, i know. I haven't been here. I got eaten. No worries, I'm back and hopefully it's to say.

So, my excuses:
Haven't been on the computer
Been very very busy
Lost 20 some pages of writing

feel free to take your pick.

Hopefully, I'll be posting shortly on what has been going on and whatnot, but till then,



Very very very cold! My rents decided that since it was spring now, we didn't need to use the heat or AC so it is switched resolutely to automatic/off and I am freezing my arse off. It is fifty-nine degrees inside right now, only six degrees warmer than it is outside... damn.

On another note, I sucked up my fear of my ongoing novels last night at about eleven and worked on my favorite (Something About You). I had no idea where it was going when I started and I still have no idea, just a page or so more writing and every line that needs work, highlighted.  The dialogue is dreadful and the descriptions lacking but it is a start and it boosted me to 63,595 words, wahoo! A month and a day ahead feels good.

Needless to say, the words are going well but the content isn't. The plot is really quite pitiful, meaning: there is none. I have upwards of ten pages of the beginning of the story in which the MC arrives at a Residential Arts School, meets a guy with an afro, skips an orientation with him, meets his mum and sister, says goodbye to her parents, meets one of his best friends that plays the sax. That's about it. There are details that could be built from later but I still have no idea about the plot. And then, one musn't forget the other two parts I've written, one where they discuss the pros and cons of getting married before sex and another where a storm knocks the heating system in her dorm and Mr. Afro comes to keep her company. There are also a couple more scenes I have thought up that might fit into a plot somewhere but I'd trash them for a decent plot. *sigh*

So overall, words are going well, novels aren't. Till I find my head is on straight and my toes aren't freezing off, ginger<3spice


Let me just say, wa-freakin'-hoo I made it to 60k and past! 61,136 words baby!!!! I really needed that, I have been on and off procrastinating for a while now but that's 3,612 words written today and I am pleased. For a while, it was 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, et cetra but for the last nine days it has been 1,200 somethin, 1,400 somethin, 1,700 somethin, 740, 10, 758, 943, 0, 3,612!!! I think that is the most I've done in one day this year... let's see... nope 9,786 was the most I've done in a day.

On another note, I have decided to work on Oatmeal Cookies (a story from 2 year ago that I neglected after 2 chapters). So far, I have a crappy title, a verrrryyyy fluff, simple plot, some terrible writing put into it, ten very very very short chapters. The chapters are sort of, well, not in order. I have the first six, then 9 and 10 and then the last two... yeah.

I really didn't plan on working on this, I planned on starting and finishing Surviving Millie or Something About You but I can't figure out a good, complex plot for either. Anyone want to help?*bats eyelashes* I need a new title for something about you, to start with, some of my ideas besides that are: Something About Your Afro, Dreads (because I really like that title, he really has an afro, but dreads would be cool too),  Let Me Tell You a Secret, Something About Majic, So Maybe It's Love. I'm going to have to beef up the eight chapters I've got so far (also out of order) and make them decent before I think about a title.

I will so barter an arm and leg for a harsh editor.

Till I get my act together, ginger<3spice

Easter? NOOO!!!

Today is Easter for most everyone I am assuming, but not for moi! Today is "Flower Communion" at my Unitarian Universalist church. We all brought flowers and recieved flowers from others, a sort of not-so-easter-easter tradition. It was fun, I played African drums and sang (badly).

If you haven't already, check out my writing prompts page: lovesprompts

Till Then, ginger<3spice

P.S. My current word count for NaNoWriYe is 57,524/200,000, that means I have 142,476 more words to go I think... I'm awful at math in my head.

Oh My Golly, THAT'S what a drabble is?!

Wow, so I was searching for writing prompts for myself- I don't particularly enjoy writing from my own prompts- and I googled prompts every way I knew how: Writing prompts, prompts, prompts for writers, writing prompts for writers, writing prompts for writers who like to write from prompts, etc. and then I remembered the word I use frequently for what I write in response to prompts: Drabbles.

So after an aha! moment, I googled drabble writing prompts... and I found a wikipedia site-because for some reason wiki is always the first thing on the list when I google.

Now, my definition of a drabble is this:

Drabble- n. a short piece of writing often written in response to a prompt or a sudden idea, esp. pieces less than 2,000 words; v. to write a short piece of writing

and this wikipedia article smacked me upside the head like a v-8 commercial and said:

Drabble- n. a short work of fiction exactly 100 words, commonly mistaken as any piece with less than 1,000 words.

well that made me feel very stupid and... common. So I have to start calling them something else.... hmmm I think I shall name them woogles (phil hansen's discarded name for fraggles) or kluzzles. yes, I think kluzzles will work quite nicely, but when I refer to them as kluzzles, no one will know what i'm talking about... muahaha, cept me that is... :}P (if you're wondering, yes my smiley has a mustache. get over it.)

Books, books, all the lovely books!

So I went on a whim to the public library today (if it didn't miss me during my absence, it was bound to miss my 8 month over due knitting book). I got seventeen books and I plan on reading all of them by friday, let the games begin! I am just really behind on my 100 books this year goal so I figured I could use spring break to boost that (even though I should be using it for NaNoWriYe). So far this year, I've read:

1. Dreamland- Sarah Dessen
2. Animal Farm- George Orwell
3. Anthem- Ayn Rand
4. The Luxe
5. What if...- two authors I can't remember
6. So.B.It
7. Friction
8. Wuthering Heights (agaiin
9. There is a [slight] chance I may be going to hell

Let the reading begin

Silly Me

Oh gosh, so I got on livejournal today and went automatically to my page (because that's what my browser remembers) and didn't see any posts. I was thinking, oh great I have to get my internet fixed AGAIN. So I try to go to my home page and I realize I wasn't logged in, I couldn't see my posts when I wasn't logged in. And I realized it. THAT's what that little lock beside the title is for. It means, apparently , that only friends can view that post. So it made me feel better because I finally knew why only Eli and Sylvrilyn were commenting. They were the only ones that could see it! Well that was my flub of the day. I fixed it though, so hopefully people can see it that arn't my friends.

On another note, I had art class today! It's spring break so only six people were in the class (thank god it'll be like that next week, too) and we started a new project. Full body self portraits! I got into it immediately and finished the top half of my body. They are life-sized and supposed to be sort of fantasy/surrealistic with some emotion and pattern incorporated. I decided immediately that I would do enragement, because I am infamous for being angry all the time. I'm really not, usually I am a cheery person, but people irritate me very easily.

I picked enrage, though, because- wow, am I really going to say this out loud and sound like a pathetic teenager?- I can't talk to a guy I like and when I do, I always sound rude and rushed or angry and... yeah, it isn't good. So I just resolve not to talk to him because whenever I do I sound so bizarre trying to come up with something to say  when I have no excuse to talk to him. He is sort of, i don't know, not quiet exactly but he picks and chooses what to say out loud I guess you would say? And he never starts a conversation. Ok, that's a lie. He does. But after I stopped having classes with him, we had no classes or assignments or anything in common and I had nothing to say for once in my life. So I accidientally was rude and such and he slowly just stopped trying to talk to me.

But to the point after all that, the reason I chose anger is because I had half a conversation with him yesterday and I sounded so defensive and pitiful- I mean, at a point in the conversation, half laughing he said: "well you're an angry person, aren't you?" and I was all "I'm not angry, I'm just misunderstood." and he laughed and said "No I'm pretty sure your just angry"- and it made me so angry I had to get it out somehow and I knew as soon as I saw the project that that is how I was going to get my anger out.  I got some of it out- the greater portion- today because I did the facial expression (I am screaming with my eyes half closed, my mouth wide, and my hair sticking straight out in a haloish afro) and I have nowhere to just scream so drawing me screaming helped. Next class is Friday, a few days before we go back to school so I have a chance to get out the rest of my anger and any more from next week before I see him again.

I just re-read that stuff and realized how pathetic and how much of an angsty teenager I sound. I mean, I am scared to talk to a guy (in my defense though, it is only one guy, the other ones i have nooo problem talking to [c; ) and I have so much anger I have to  let it out or I'll go berserk on somebody...

Oh well... such is life. Till then, ginger<3spice

Spring Break!!!

Yep, it's that time of the year again, spring break! I am trying to write more now that I have the time but so far I've used that time I could be writing to sleep. Ah well, at least I'm catching up on something, even if it is sleep. I finished the draft of my english paper about Utopia vs. Dystopia and I'm thrilled, the paragraphs are all mixed up but for a first draft, those twelve paragraphs are a godsend. I also wrote two drabble scenes. I'm not proud of them but I tried out a few things that I just don't do. Like write in third person, giving backstory on unconciquential things, and describing surroundings while something is going on. This one is in first person, but I tried doing some things I just don't do, and for a first try, I'm mildly happy with it.

“It just makes me so angry; people are fucking crazy! Ugh!” I nearly screamed at him, fists balled in anger. It felt strangely good to be this mad; I hadn’t been in a long time. I tried to be indifferent about things over the last couple of months, tried to be less passionate about everything. Leave everybody the hell alone like so many people asked me to do. But all the emotion that I bottled up since the beginning of that year was let loose on my poor, unsuspecting friend.

“They are, you shouldn’t have to deal with this,” he nodded, understanding and calm. More than once during the conversation I could see a twinge of amusement pulling his top lip slightly up; but it was understandable, and I expected it. He had said more than once that I was funny when I got angry.

“I just, I just don’t understand, Beck!” I moaned and shook my fists up and down angrily between he and I. We were sitting opposite of each other as we had been for the last twenty minutes as I vented and he listened patiently. I was sitting on the top of a red picnic table with my feet on the bench as he sat on the bench of an electric blue and yellow one that I painted with Jackie and Erin two years before in BETA club. I suppose I was still in the club but I was hardly expected to come to the meetings anymore, I slowly began forgetting them until I finally stopped coming all together.

He stood immediately and grabbed my wrists, one in each strong hand. He held them firmly but gently, my right wrist gripped by his right hand, my left in his left so his arms were crossed halfway between his wrists and elbows. When he sensed I was still tense, he uncrossed his arms so mine were crossed and I had no choice but to submit. I went limp and my fury turned to self-pity and helplessness. I could feel my legs turn to jelly underneath me and Bruce let go of one of my wrists to support me. I began to sob into his chest and he let my second wrist go to hold all hundred and a few pounds of me up.

It must have been a sight, Beckham and I in the middle of multi-colored picnic tables at the high school, I, limp in his arms, heaving and red-eyed. He held me up by the small of my back and my shoulders with his chin resting on the top of my head, rocking me back and forth when I burst into heavier weeps.  All the chain smokers already left hours ago and the only living, breathing things on the block save a bird or two were us: a mismatched pair of friends. He was a solid five feet and eleven inches; I was a petite five feet and four inches.  He was calm and protective while I was flighty and passionate. Not that he wasn’t passionate, he was, but in a different way. He picked his battles; I fought every single one even if it was a lost cause.

I clung to him for dear life and he didn’t mind. He just held me tighter, not shushing me or hurrying me; he just let me cry it out and he would let me do whatever I needed to after, no questions asked. I loved that about him. My girlfriends felt like they had to fill the space with chatter, even when they comforted someone. They would try to tell a funny story or whisper words of encouragement or just shush you or “don’t cry, it’ll be alright” you. He just listened and held me, he was company and he supported me when I would have surely been on the ground racked with tears if he wasn’t there. It is for these reasons I don’t cry in front of my girlfriends, only in front of him. And when it is all over, he won’t mention it again unless I want to talk about it again.

Here we would stay until I regained strength in my legs and sniffed up my tears and wiped my eyes on my sleeves. He would ask if I was all better, I would resolutely say yes, and we would go for a walk. That is what it has always been and will always be with us.

Till then, ginger<3spice

Impulse Shoppers Anonymous

I just got back from my favorite store in the world! STAPLES!!!! I bought blue pens, black pens, ticonderoga pencils, mechanical pencils, lead, spiral notebooks (6), a journal that says 'jottings' on the front, printer paper, a pencil sharpener, and these cool York peppermint patty 100 calorie bars which are FANTASTIC!!! I'd say- even as a die hard York patty fan- that they are better than the patties.

Staples is my favorite store simply because I am an impulse shopper and no matter what you buy at Staples on impulse, you always find a good use for it later. I really should go to therapy for my ISS (impulse shop syndrome) or impulse shoppers anonymous meetings. I think AA and NA and SA and all those anonymous meetings are funny because they say they are anonymous but you stand up and tell everyone your name and that your a [insert condition here]. That really takes the anonymousness out of it. hmm.....

Anyway, I went to get ONE notebook, 12 pens, and 12 pencils ( i came out with 7 notebooks, 36 pens, 48 pencils, one sharpener, 100 pieces of lead, and 7 peppermint bars) so I could write down my writing prompts and respond to all of them! Hmmm, I think I might do two or three tonight and if I do, I'll post them on the prompts page. The link is down on the last post but it's here too: lovesprompts.

Lovers you all, ginger<3spice